Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Simply Elegant - Roasted Grapes

When it comes to food and entertaining, there is one mantra I live by: details matter, but the details should be simple. It's so true that with a tiny bit of extra care, you can elevate everyday items to be something special. I hope each and every day that readers of Neurotic Kitchen can see how easy it is to turn out beautiful food with minimal effort.

One way I like to elevate ordinary foods is by focusing on plating and pretty presentation. As is is oft repeated, you truly do eat with your eyes. 

The best hostess tricks not only enhance the beauty of a dish, but also the all-important taste of it.

The beautiful cheese board featuring Roasted Grapes -
 prepared by my friend Louise, Photo: NK 

And the little flourishes you add to your meal need not be complicated to offer pizzazz or refinement (for whatever mood you're in).

I first learned about Roasted Grapes when my mom's good friend served them as part of a fantastic shower she catered in my honor. She used them to anchor the most beautiful cheese board. They also happened to taste great - they serve as a good example of how amazingly easy steps that make all the difference in flavor and presentation. 

Roasting Grapes concentrates their flavor and makes for a more interesting visual presentation. You can add them to Crostini or plate them as is with your Cheese Selection. They can't help but add elegance with almost no effort. 

Muscat Grapes Paired Perfectly with Baked Camembert, Photo: NK

Roasted Grapes

1 bunch of Seedless Grapes of your choosing - I like Red Globe or Muscat (pictured right) 

Olive Oil




Preheat the oven to 400.
On a baking sheet, toss small bunches of grapes in a Tablespoon or two of Olive Oil, and then sprinkle with salt and pepper. 

Bake for 17-20 minutes until slightly crisped and soft on the inside. Serve slightly warm or at room temperature - can be made a few hours in advance. 

Check out how my Roasted Grapes came out with baked Camembert and a toasty Baguette: 

Roasted Muscat Grapes and Baked Camembert with
Pear Jam & Thyme, Photo: NK 

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