Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Elegant App + Wine - Clams With Lemon, Thyme & Parmesan

A Sunday or two ago, as I paged lazily through an issue of Food & Wine Magazine, I zeroed in on a feature that included recipes from all around the world that pair wonderfully with vino. But I ask you, is there really a food that doesn't? While we only had a beautifully dry Rose on hand, I decided to try these simple and bright broiled Clams that were instead recommended for pairing with Sauvignon Blanc. 

Clams Broiled with Lemon, Thyme & Parmesan, Photo: NK
Clams are a favorite around our house, and this easy appetizer immediately captured me and seemed perfect for our special night in. That said, it would also be a fantastic way to kick off an elegant dinner party or even wine tasting get-together. As for the actual "magazine-endorsed" pairing, F&W recommends  "a citrusy Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, like Casa Marin's 2011 Cipreses Vineyard or 2012 Matetic EQ." The results were lovely and this recipe is both easy to execute and quite tasty. Enjoy!!

Now for the recipe, directly from Food & Wine.

 Clams Broiled with Lemon, Thyme & Parmesan
 Recipe By Gerardo Valenzuela
 Serves 4

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