Monday, June 16, 2014

Fast, Fabulous & Frozen - Apricot Mint Sorbet

Today's post is going to be really quick, just like this wonderfully refreshing sorbet for your high powered blender - coming to you just in time for the warm weather. If you're looking for a sweet, tart fix, why not whip up a frozen treat using beautiful in-season Apricots. Healthy though it may be, this dessert really delivers. The twist? Fresh Mint Leaves. Mint goes
Apricots - very delicious this time of year, Photo: NK
so well with sweet stone fruit; the combo is really surprising and makes for a very complex yet subtle flavor profile. 

I created today's speedy Sorbet recipe quite by accident. I had some leftover Mint leaves from our recent Gnocchi with Peas & Spring Herbs that I didn't want to waste. Then a week or so later, my bunch of Apricots I'd been looking forward to eating were ripening at a faster pace than I could enjoy them. Whenever fruits and herbs are at their peak, it's a great idea to freeze them in order to minimize waste. So I pitted and sliced up my Apricots, and weeks before that, to preserve my mint, I had placed three or four leaves in the bottom of each compartment of an ice tray before covering with water. Fast forward to the present day, and in rummaging through my freezer, the thought occurred to me that these two ingredients might just work wonderfully together.

A great way to store & preserve herbs, Photo: NK

Mint Ice Cubes make a fun addition to summer drinks, and in this case they provide a great way to add both ice and Mint to your blended creations. 

To recap: Make Mint Ice Cubes using 3 or 4 leaves of Mint in each ice cube compartment, cover with water and freeze!

Fast Apricot Mint Sorbet 
Serves 2
4 Mint Ice Cubes (see note above /with about 12 leaves of mint, three leave in each cube)
2-3 very ripe Apricots, pitted, cut into small slices and then frozen
2 teaspoons Agave, Honey, or other sweetener if your choice
1 Tablespoon Water (only if needed to thin out the consistency)

~Blend in a high powered blender until very smooth, scoop out, and serve immediately! 

Apricot Mint Sorbet is super healthy and delicious, Photo: NK 

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