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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Kid Tested - Cauliflower Soup With Orzo

This week I am going to do something a little unorthodox by featuring a recipe from Neurotic Kitchen's sister site, - a blog dedicated to healthy and super-fast homemade meals that picky toddlers and kids will love
While Neurotic Kitchen's theme of easy and elegant recipes for the busy home cook remains fully intact, I couldn't help but, just this once, share a recent comfort food recipe that was a huge hit with both the big and little people in our house. A light adaptation of Mario Batali's Cauliflower Soup yielded something as simple as it was wonderful. Not only will you enjoy this hearty winter soup, but I can pretty much guarantee that your kids will love it too. Bonus - this recipe makes a huge batch and will feed you for days. 
Enjoy and please follow for all my favorite healthy toddler and kids' recipes that you'll enjoy too! You'll also find recommended products and resources for a healthy home. 
Cauliflower Soup With Orzo, Photo: NK
CLICK HERE for the recipe! 

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  1. The soup looks delicious. Everyone will love this type of food item in their menu.