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Guest Spotlight: Marina's Fabulous Fish Tacos

~I am so happy to introduce our very first guest blogger here on Neurotic Kitchen! Check out what my friend Marina has to say about one of my most favorite meals. Marina is a Chicago Native who came to NYC by way of San Francisco, a city famous for its cuisine and especially its outstanding fish tacos. Marina’s recipe is easy breezy, just like her, and embraces each cook's creative interpretation: 

Marina’s Fish Tacos
The inspiration for this dish came from a place called “Nick’s Crispy Tacos” in San Francisco.  The place does tacos and burritos and uses all organic, sustainable ingredients. They make their own agua frescas and the best green salsa that you have EVER had.  Their traditional red salsa and habanero salsa are also to die for. Check out what people are saying about Nick's: 

I love the Baja Style tacos but the fish is deep fried, so I usually make a lighter, grilled version in my grill pan – it comes out just as good and is so easy. With just a few simple ingredients you can make a “do-it-yourself” assembly line.
Ingredients and Method: 
Fish - I like a combo of shrimp and firm white fish (Tilapia or Cod work well). For shrimp, I like to use bigger ones and cut them in chunks once they are cooked. Today, we're trying rock shrimp to change things up a bit.

Prepare the Fish 
Season the fish with whatever seasoning you have on hand.  Some ideas: lots of good cumin, sea salt, pepper, chili powder, some cayenne, a bit of Mexican oregano, a bit dried garlic and onion powder.  

Let fish sit as you set up your assembly line of the following:
Small stone-ground corn tacos 
Chopped cilantro 
Limes cut in wedges 
The best mild to medium green salsa you can find

Cilantro, Photo: NK

Limes are the key, Photo: NK
Use store bought guacamole (Whole Foods makes a good one) or make your own: mash up ripe avocados then add finely chopped jalapenos, lime juice, chopped cilantro, finely chopped red onions, and optionally add finely diced tomatoes that have been de-seeded and drained of juices. Season with salt and pepper to taste.  

Make the Slaw
Red Cabbage, sliced up thin
Scallion, chopped
Julienned Green Apple

Slaw Ingredients, Photo: NK
Don't be shy with the Sriracha, Photo: NK

Mixing Slaw and Sauce, Photo: NK
Make the Sauce
In a separate bowl, combine mayonnaise that's been thinned out with some apple cider vinegar. Add a few healthy squirts of sriracha, depending on how spicy you like it. Mix and season to taste. Toss sauce in with the slaw until incorporated. 

Cook the Fish
Grill the fish until  firm yet tender. Shrimp cooks quickly, so if you are making a mix of fish and shrimp it is best to cook it in a second batch. Cook shrimp one to two minutes until firm and opaque.  Cut or shred the fish filet into chunks.  

Cooked Shrimp and Cod, Photo: NK

Serve: Lay everything out so people can assemble their tacos and EAT!  
Here are some great ideas for Sides: 
I make either yellow Spanish rice from the pouch or basmati rice mixed with cilantro and lima beans - delish! Amy’s Low Sodium Refried Beans in the can is also a great addition. 

Fish Tacos, Photo: NK 

~ Marina

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